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Founded in Sanremo Italy in 1946, since the beginning, Laboratorio Farmaceutico CT Srl shows a strong vocation in developing new product for Pharmaceutical market.

Wide range of pharmaceutical products have been developed by Laboratorio Farmaceutico CT Srl and marketed worldwide. Result from this vocation for the research activity is Alcover©, a product become in the past ten years a milestone in the treatment of alcohol addiction.



Today Laboratorio Farmaceutico CT Srl, with a total surface of 10.000 sqm of manufacturing plants and research laboratories, still invests and obtains results in treatment of alcohol addiction.


Laboratorio Farmaceutico CT Srl
Via Dante Alighieri, 71
18038 Sanremo (IM)


Laboratorio Farmaceutico CT Srl - Via Dante Alighieri, 71 - 18038 Sanremo (IM) - ITALY - VAT#: IT00071020085
Phone: +39 0184 5924 1 -  Fax: + 39 0184 504507 -  Email: info@labct.it